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Information about wi-fi, internet and cell phones in Rio to the customers that rent a furnishde apartment.


Nearby the apartments for rent, there are lan-houses at cheap pricesThe apartment has Wi-Fi available.

Is there lan-houses available nearby? Yes, in Copacabana you have close at hand lan-houses that offer high-speed internet connection at a very cheap price. The prices range between US$ 1 and US$ 3 an hour. Anyway, if you do not spent one hour at internet, but just some minutes, the price is will be still cheaper.

Does my cell phone works in Rio?

If you have a cell phone based on the global gsm technology (most of cell phones throughout the world, nowadays bear this technology), you can talk and speak in Rio as if you were in your home town.
In other words, most of cell phones from Europe and other countries works here.

How can I get a local phone? Is it easy?

It is cheap and easy to buy a pre-paid local cell phone, and you can use it right away. As an option, if you you want to use the same cell phone you already have, you can buy only a GSM chip. You can buy either the GSM chip or the cell phone at the Airport or at some cell-phone store in Copacabana. There are 4 companies in Rio that offer pre-paid service.

What about 3G, WiFi and hotspots?

In Rio there are companies that offer wire-less 3G Internet connection. But it is necessary to go the Cell-phone company to enable the service, and it is paid.
As to the hotspots (wi-fi), in Rio there are hotspots in the airports and some shopping centers.

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