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Studio Flat to Let in Copacabana | Pictures

It is the second page regarding the Studio Apartment for rent also know as Studio Flat. It is nicely located in Copacabana on the border with Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro City. Both neighbourhoods are part of the best touristic areas of Rio.

This Studio Flat combines living room and bedroom into a single room, and has it own kitchen and bathroom, giving to the traveller, holidaymakers or renters complete independence and privacy. It is located in a condominium buling.

Air conditioner and Wi-Fi available | It is reasonably priced and certainly will suit you budget.

It is ideal for couples or single people. It can accomodate at the most 3 people, a couple in the double bed and a single person in the sofa that can be used as bed for a short period of time if necessary.

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The pictures describes the interiors

In the pictures above, you can see the studio from different points of view.
In the right side picture, you see in the foreground the double bed and a bedside table with lampshade. In the background, you see the sofa on the right. Before the studio window you see a table with two chair. The air conditioner is on the left side of the window. The TV set is on the left. The door that appears on the left wall is the kitchen´s door. The ceiling fan also appear on the pic.
In the left side pictures, you can see the double bed, a desk with chair, the wardrobe and some shelves. The door that appear behind the double bed is the studio´s door. The door that appears on the wardrobe right side is the bathroom´s door.

Pictures of the studio apartment

Interior Views | Living and sleeping area: Above you can see four pictures of the studio flat. The first one on the right it appear on the top-left you see mainly the living area and the double be it appears partialy on the left. The pic on the top right right gives a nice view of the interior, from the point of view of someone that is near the the double. The ilustration on the right is a 3d floor plan that show the all the interiors and rooms. The pic on the left. The fourth pictures show the studio seen from the living area where you can see bedroom are with an wardrobe and desk.

Studio apartment | Living area

In this picture you can see the living room area with a table and 2 chair, a sofa, a TV set, the air conditioner and a ceiling fan. In the foreground it appears part of the double bed.

Studio flat

Studio apartment interior view: In the picture, on the right side you can see the sofa and a bedside table with lampshade. On the left side you can see two shelves, a TV set and kitchen´s door. In the center you can see a table with two chairs and the studio window. On studio window left side you can see the air conditioner. The ceiling fan also appear in this picture.
Click here to see more interior pictures of the studio, including the double bed, wardrobe, bathroom, kitchens and furniture details.

Studio apartment | Interior view and furniture

Another picture of the studio where you can see the furniture.

Studio apartment | Sleping area with double bed and wardrobe

In this picture you can see the double bed, the wardrobe, and an small desk in the back ground. In the foreground you see part of the sofa, a bedside with a lampshade, and on the oposite side a TV set and a shelf.

Studio apartment for rent - floor plan

The schematic illustration shows the studio lay-out seen from above, without ceiling. Some walls are shown at half height for a better comprehension. The fabrics and linens collor scheme can be changed.

desk and wardrobe | Studio apartment

In the right side picture you can see the desk with shelf on the wardrobe right side.
In the central picture, you see in the foreground the double bed and a bedside table with lampshade ont the left, and on the right the TV set and shelves. In the background of the central picture, you can see the studio´s door, a desk and a wardrobe. On the wardrobe right side there is the bathroom door.
In the left side picture, you see the wardrobe with doors open.

Kitchen and Bathroom pictures

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen has counter top, sink, filter, shelves, microwave oven, 2 burner stove table and medium-sized refrigerator.

The bathroom has a wasbasin, mirror, toilet and shower enclosure with curtain.

Studio´s building and surrounding areas pictures

It is in a condominium residential apartment building ( block of flats). It is not a hotel nor an apart hotel.

The building is safe, very well preserved. It is about 40 years old. There are three elevators in the building.

Picture - view from the studio apartment windowWindow faces the street: view from the studio apartment window

View from the studio apartment window. The window faces the street.
If you go down Franciso Sa St that you see on the right you get to Copacabana beach in 5 minutes on foot.

Studio´s building and its outer gateThe studio apartment bulding and Francisco Sa St

Studio´s building and its outer gate is seen in the picture on the left. On the right, a pictura of Francisco Sá St, in front of the studio´s building. Going down this street you get to Copacabana beach. Going up you get to Ipanema.

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