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Rio Airport Transport | How to get to Copacabana | Directions

It is easy and inexpensive to reach Copabacabana District when coming from the International Airport. If you take a taxi, you will take about 30 or 40 minutes and it wil cost roughly 70 Reais BRL. If you take an special bus line It will cost roughly US $ 6. I do not recomend taking a bus. See why below.

It is not necessary to arrange for special transport service or shuttle service unless you are Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga or Madonna or if you want to spend extra money.Standard Yellow Taxi and a Special Taxi

By Taxi or UBER

If you take a taxi you will take 25 or 30 minutes from the international airport to Copacabana. When you arrive at Rio's International Airport, you will be frequently asked if I you would like to take a taxi.

A standard yellow taxi fare to Copacabana is around 70 Reais Brazil Currency.

You can also buy a ticket for a special taxi (at the desk of a taxi company in the airport) before you go out the airport. This way you can know the exact price to pay for the taxi. A special taxi fare is a bit higher.

Special Taxis charge twice the price of an Yellow taxi.

Usually both special and standard taxi are air-conditioned. They differ in that the special taxi driver wears uniform and the special taxis only take pre-arranged tasks, usually arranged by phone or at the desk of the company (they do not stop in the streets if you wave to them).

By Bus

I do not recommend taking a bus unless you want to take the risk of wasting your time in a bus, riding about 2 and half hours after a long flight. Real bus line

Anyway, If you want to save few money and you are not in a rush, you can take a bus. Right in the exit of the GIG International Airport (Also known as Tom Jobim or GaleĆ£o Airport), when you get out with your luggage, there is a bus company called REAL and it takes you to the touristic areas such as Copacabana, Flamengo, Botafogo, Ipanema and Leblon.

The problem is, before reaching the touristic areas, It will go to the bus terminal station and also to Santos Dumont airport in the City Centre. Some areas have traffic jam during some hours of the day and it can make your bus ride too long and boring.

The bus is very comfortable and can handle large luggage indeed. The ticket is quite low, it is about R$ 13 Reais, less than 6 US$ (American Dollars).

When the bus gets to Copacabana you can ask to the driver to stop to get off at the nearest street corner of the apartment address you have booked. The driver lets you jump off where you want.

It takes can take up to 2 and half an hour to get to Copacabana if there is traffic jam.

The bus drives off every 40 minutes or so, between early daytime till late evening.

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