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One Bedroom | Self-Contained Flat to let in Copacabana | Photos

This page is a sequence of the self-contained 1-bedroom apartment P4 description. It is located in Copacabana, in a block of flat (condominium), on Cinco de Julho St, near the beach (about 5 or 10 minutes walking distance from the seaside).
The apartment is about spacious, light and airy. The windows of the living room and bedroom faces the street.
It has air-conditioner in the bedroom and wi-fi available.

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Living room / Lounge

Apartment for rent | living room / lounge

The lounge / living room is light and airy with ceramic tile floor, and the window faces the street.
Regarding furniture, it has two sofas that can be used to rest, table with 4 chair, TV set and ceiling fan.
In the bedroom room there is air-conditioning.


Bedroom | 4 pictures

The bedroom has double bed, 2 bedsides, a small desk and wardrobe. It is equipped with air-conditioner and paved with with ceramic tile floor. Its window faces the street and it is light and airy.

Bathroom pictures

Bathroom | One bedroom apartment for rent

Bathroom is modern with ceramic floor and wall tiles. It has a counter top with washbasin, mirror, toilet, and green glassed shower enclosure.



Kitchen has inox counter top with sink, a microwave oven (that does not appear in the pic), a 4 burner stove / cooker and refrigerator. Above the sink there is a cupboard that you can see on the picture on upper right corner. In the foreground of the biggest picture you can see the refrigerator. On the refrigerator left side you can see a washbasin and the kitchen window.

Building pictures

The apartment is located in 5 de Julho St, in a condominium residential apartment building or block of flats.
(It is not a hotel nor an apart hotel). The building is about 45 years old and well preserved. There is one elevator in the building.

The building and its façadeView from the apartment front window

From left to right, in the first picture you see the sidewalk / pavement and the entrance of the building. In the center, you see the building façade. On the right side, a picture of the street seen from the apartment window.

Apartment building sidewalk / pavement

In the picture you see the sidewalk or pavement in front of the apartment building, on Cinco de Julho Street in Copacabana.

Copacabana beach

Copabana beach and promenade

Views of Copacabana Beach. In this picture you can the beach, the promenade with its famous sidewalk, a picture of the moonlight and one of the several kiosks all along the seaside.

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