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Facilities and services nearby the apartments

The apartments are located in Copacabana, in nice areas to stay or to live in Rio with everything you need in the surround area.


There are bars and restaurants, snack-bars, fast-food, groceries, supermarkets nearby and large supermarkets within walking distance. Restaurants "by kilo" offers cheap and fine meal.
If you want to store and prepare your meals, the apartments has kitchen (refrigerator and cooker/stove).

Communications & Internet

There are lots of internet-cafe (internet access) nearby. The prices vary between US$ 1 and US$ 3 an hour.

Beach, Sightseeing, Shopping and Nightlife

The apartments are well located, close to the beach, shopping and nightlife.

Information for Tourists and Travel Agencies

There are lots of Travel Agencies in Copacabana that offer sightseeing and guided tours.
Riotur - Official Tourist Information Center - There is a free Information Center for Tourist in Copacabana.

Means of Transport

There are lots of means of transportation available nearby such us taxi, bus, metro (tube/subway).
All the apartments are close to Metro Station. One of them is an building that is right in front of one Metro Station.
You can take a taxy easily all day and all night long.

Laundries (with Ironing service)

There are laundries close at hand that offer good service and cheap price.
Some laundries offer free collection and delivery.

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